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Jordan the Papal Land

To celebrate the Millenium Pope John Paul II visited two of the most important Christian sites in the world, Mount Nebo and Bethany beyond Jordan located in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  


As he stood in the very same spot Moses stood thousands of years before he raised his hands, looked to the heavans and prayed for peace in the Holy Land.  Revered by all  Monothestic relgions Mount Nebo was Moses' final resting place as God forbade him from crossing the Jordan river.


The Vatican recoginsed 5 key religious sites in Jordan that were visited Pope John Paul II and form part of the Christian Pilgrim Tours of this oasis of peace in the Middle East.


Subsequently Pope Benedict visited Jordan and now the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is preparing for the visit of Pope Francis, the peoples Pope.

Jordan, land of the Bible, heartland of Faith


Pope Francis

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A pilgrimage to Jordan not only follows in the Footsteps of Jesus but walks with the Patriarchs and Prophets. We experience the land of the fathers of the Christian Church out of whom has grown the rich diversity of expression of faith that we have today.

From the earliest recorded journeys, Jordan has been a place of pilgrimage, those who have gone before, who have shaped our faith of today, considered it necessary to make visits to the holy places of this Holy Land.


We too can visit the Decapolis towns, as Jesus did. We too can look with Moses from Mount Nebo across the River Jordan towards the Mediterranean. We too can share the vision of John, the hope of Elijah and the centuries of prayer that we have been offered by countless Christian Souls in this Bible Land. To journey through Jordan is to journey through the Bible and the history of our Christian Faith. From this we can all take inspiration and grace to continue in that same faith and to lead it on through our own time.


At the same time you can also explore the world’s most dramatic monuments and landscapes, from the famed ruins of Petra, the ancient Roman town of Jerash and the spectacular scenery of Wadi Rum, the legendary setting of Lawrence of Arabia.


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