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Jesus and Moses Two Day Tour


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1,500 years before Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist in the waters of the River Jordan, Moses led the Isrealites to safety through Jordan on their way to the Holy Land. His first glimpse of the Holy Land, a land that God forbade him to enter was from Mount Nebo, one of the holiest sites of all three Monotheistic  religionsist.


This two day pilgrim tour not only visits the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ but also Mount Nebo and the small Christian town of Madaba.  On this very special tour you will overnight very close to the spot where Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River at the Russian Orthodox Pilgrim Hotel.  With plenty of free time to contemplate and meditate on your Christian Faith this tour has been designed to complete the circle between Old and New Testaments.   For a detailed itinerary please click here

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