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Baptism Site Day Tour

Commemortive mosaic floor leading to the exact spot where Jesus was baptised
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Head of the Orthodox Church in Jordan baptising in the Jordan river at Bethany
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Meandering Jordan rivea at Baptism Site of Bethany beyond Jordan
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Sunset at the Baptism Site, Bethany beyond Jordan
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Visit Jordan's number one Christian Pilgrim Site and the River Jordan on a day trip tour of  "Bethany Beyond Jordan" - The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ.


Located on the east bank of the Jordan River, in the Biblical Wilderness, visit the exact spot that John the Baptist baptised Jesus, where the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended, in the form of a pure white Dove marking the beginning of the Holy Trinity of Christianity.


You will also get the opportunity to visit the spot where Elijah, ascended into heaven thousands of years before on a chariot emblazoned in fire surrounded by heavenly angels.


With plenty of free time for contemplation and meditation this Holy Site will bring to life the Wilderness of the bible. For the full tour itinerary click here